This is a guide to help students, documentary makers and researches about the process of defining the narrative structure for an interactive documentary (but also applies to any non-linear narrative). This infographic can be seen in educational websites and Blogs related to web and interactive documentaries or digital journalism as i-docs.org, NFB blog, Directorsnotes.com, NoFilmSchool. The main goal of this guide is to help the majority of interactive documentary makers finding balance between interactivity and story - and not only adding interacting because everyone is doing it. While showing the most common narrative structures for interactive documentaries, I'll highlight that the story and the user are the keys for a successfull experience.

The content of this infographic will be based on the narratives structures developed by Florent Maurin and the MIT OpenDocLab "Mapping the Intersection of Two Cultures: Interactive Documentary and Divital Journalism report's key takeaways.
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Interactive eBook pagination sketches 

Infographic Sketch

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Infographic: Narrative Structures in Interactive Platforms
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